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Jolly Gel Testimonials

Jolly Gel Testimonials

Jolly Gel

Here is what some happy Pool-Owners and Pool Professionals have to say about Jolly Gel:-

“My pool water has always been a problem to maintain, not helped by high levels of dust from the Sahara desert.  A friend gave me a packet of your Jolly Gel pool cleaner.  I was told to put one cube in the pump basket and run the pump overnight.  Wow , what a surprise in the morning,  the water was brilliant!  What a great product.” Jack Ward - CARTAGENA Spain

I have to say that I've seen a lot (hundreds) of products touted for swimming pools claiming all sorts of miracle short-cuts. But, having had an issue with a persistently cloudy pool that normal floc was not sorting out, I tried Jolly Gel for the first time. I haven't stopped using it since and the clarity of the water it gives is honestly incredible. I'll never clean the pump basket again without putting a cube in! Justin Orton, Javea

Just used our first Jolly Gel!!! AMAZING..... afraid we didn't take photos.... 😯 we are amazed!!! It's a small plunge pool and looks fantastic!!! Cathy Dodd, Nerja

This is the first time I have used Jolly Gel in my pool. Within a few hours the water was "crystal clear". If it was not for the jets making ripples in the pool, you would think there was no water in it! The most clear and clean our pool has ever been.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jolly Gel.Richard Allan, Torrevieja.

Jolly gel did it again. Pool is clear. Yiiiipppppeeee! Pat J, Alhaurín el Grande

We have found Jolly Gel to be invaluable in our professional maintenance of 50+ pools on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Every one of them is as clear as water can possibly be, and we don't need to backwash the filters very often. This saves a lot of water! Andrew, Coín

I've only been using Jolly Gel a short time and the effect is noticeable when the pool light is on at night and there is no beam visible in the water! Lovely clear water! Julian Lucock, Coín

Hello I need to write to you as my pool water has always been a problem to maintain mainly not helped by high levels of dust from the Sahara desert.  A friend gave me a packet of your Jolly Gel. I was told to put one cube in the pump  basket and run the pump overnight, wow , what a surprise in the morning,  the water was brilliant.  What a great product.  - Jack Ward, Cartagena, Spain

I have been using Jolly Gel now for several years and I have found it to be invaluable not only as a day to day maintenance product to keep my pool sparklingly clear, but also on occasion in other pools which have a hazy cast  to the water. The use of one Jolly Gel block clears the pool overnight, ready for backwashing the next day, to leave a clear pool ready for use. A simple to use product I would recommend to anyone who has a pool.  Barry B, Velez Malaga 

If you need to know the bad points of Jolly Gel I can only think of one, and that is running out of it! It has worked absolute marvels on my pool.  The clarity is crystal clear, almost as if the water drained out overnight. Nikki B, Alora

Since we started to use Jolly Gel the pool is so clean that we only need to backwash the filter every 6 weeks. This saves a lot of water! Anthony Ailsbury, Murcia

I already use Jolly Gel, I purchased it from the Over Fifty's Show, and am very pleased with the results, hence the re-order. Elaine, Velez de Benaudalla

Tried it for the first time.... from green and cloudy to crystal clear! Silvan Xuereb, Malta :-):-):-):-)

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