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Pool Safety Spain

Poolside glassware

Unbreakable Glassware

Polycarbonate drinking glasses - stylish, elegant and safe to use around the pool.


Unbreakable glasses for swimming pools

Broken glass in a pool is very bad news indeed. Clear glass is almost invisible in water, so usually the pool must be drained and swept to ensure complete removal of the glass. Read a Cautionary Tale hereCautionary Tale here.


Elegance - Strahl® beverageware is made of a high quality polycarbonate, a remarkable material that enables production of beautiful items with the clarity and elegance of glass. 
Strength - It does not shatter, making it an ideal and extremely safe alternative to glass. All Strahl® beverageware products undergo a unique finishing process to extend lifespan and durability.
Dishwasher Safe - Strahl® products can be cleaned in commercial dishwasher systems for at least 2,000 cycles, on either a high or low temperature cleaning operation, showing only minimal micro scratches not visible under normal usage conditions.
Economic - The durable polycarbonate material reduces re-order frequency, making Strahl® products a cost effective alternative to glass.


Polycarbonate glasses, plates and bowls really are incredibly strong.

Watch a video of Richard Hammondvideo of Richard Hammond trying his best to damage them; and failing!


For further information about Polycarbonate Glasses please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (0034) 605 882 461 or 952 597 247.